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SEO predictions for 2023


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tactic that is constantly changing. Google upgrades its algorithm and the way it handles queries frequently, so to be competitive, your SEO approach needs to be up to date. Before continuing, consider these SEO trends and predictions for 2023 if you plan your SEO strategy. Please continue reading to find out more about the SEO predictions for the coming year and how to modify your SEO approach to account for them.

Google’s volatility will increase

A lot of volatility is developing, which is now considered typical. The fact that algorithm upgrades are becoming more frequent and are beginning to build upon one another makes this year, and potentially next year, intense. Google will keep experimenting with new features and result formats.

Why does that matter? More algorithm modifications will occur in a shorter period, increasing volatility.

Three Things to Consider:

  • Updates are being released more quickly and one after the other.
  • Updates are beginning to flow out more quickly.
  • Google no longer gives a damn about your sentiments.

Because of what’s happening with the younger generations, Google will seek more testing and data in the coming year, bringing us to our next forecast.

Zero-click results and featured snippets

While paid advertising declines, SEO continues to advance. To stay competitive in organic search, businesses must keep up with the most recent SERP trends. No matter how tough this may be. Additionally, keep in mind any unforeseen Google upgrades.

Featured snippets and zero-click results appear to dominate the SERPs today and in the future. These are frequently the same: search results highlighting the data a user is looking for at the top of the SERP.

Sincere to say, SEOs still need to decide on handling results with no clicks. On the one hand, they deprive other search snippets of clicks and traffic because consumers may immediately access the information they need. However, research indicates that Google users tend to click on featured snippets more frequently.

It is important to note that different studies yield mixed results depending on the research approach. However, the tendency is still evident: most clicks go to zero-click outcomes. Given their prominent placement and eye-catching design, users will likely click on them to learn more.

Strengthening EAT signals

Google’s guidelines have emphasized the value of boosting your EAT signals on your website when appropriate. In the future, search engines will continue to rank content by considering your website’s expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of your website. The user experience continues to be necessary to Google, and demonstrating that your website is worthwhile for visitors’ time will be crucial for obtaining those top rankings. Your E-A-T signals may include social proof, client endorsements, links to reputable websites, domain authority, expertise, badges, and more.

What to do in 2023 to prepare for this trend?

Consider EAT while you carefully create the content for your website. You can achieve this by presenting accolades and badges, showcasing customer reviews and testimonials, providing connections to reliable websites ending in.edu and.gov, providing figures and facts to support your claims, and strengthening your social proof. You can also increase your EAT signals by obtaining links from reliable websites.

Google released a Chat GPT rival that is based on Search data

By the end of 2022, generative AI and chat GPT will be the hottest topics in technology. Although Chat GPT is far from flawless, one of its most intriguing features is that it can even respond to long tail queries.

OpenAI, the company behind GPT, has experienced a lot of publicity due to the Chat GPT hoopla. Even though I don’t believe that Chat GPT or any other GPT model is now harmful to Google, it might become significantly more affordable when generative AI becomes considerably more affordable, and models are improved.

Many claims that AI as it exists today is comparable to an intern on steroids. However, a lot of CEOs began as interns. How quickly can OpenAI’s models learn with all the attention they get from Chat GPT? Google must propagate itself. It is a significant AI investor and inventor. Based on Search statistics, I predict that Google will release an even more amazing Chat GPT rival in 2023.

Chat GPT never had access to lists of local businesses, online retailers, or other services is one of its drawbacks. Since it has never encountered a plumber in Chicago, it cannot respond to the request, “Find me the greatest plumber in Chicago.” The data is available to Google, which you may use to develop a large language model (LLM).

The obvious drawback is that Google cannot skew its search results by offering a free solution. Because of this, a Chat GPT rival from Google would only be a demo with a different objective: highlighting Google’s AI capabilities. Google’s ideal course of action is to grow into a platform for trained ML models for developers. The power of Google Cloud would increase dramatically.

“Sell shovels when people go prospecting for gold.”

Visual Search Will Rise in Popularity

Gen-Z avoids Google by using TikTok and Instagram for their search requirements. Google is adapting to stay current. Visuals help younger generations connect because they provide a better experience. Google is now including more images in searches as a result.

Three Things to Consider:

  • Protect your pictures.
  • Produce video material.
  • Know that Google isn’t the only online platform.

Entities take over keywords

Google is favoring pages that are optimized for entities. Therefore, entity-based optimization outperforms traditional keyword SEO in terms of effectiveness. This is why the Knowledge Panel’s evolution is to blame.

Google uses its NLP algorithms to comprehend the material. The NLP API, for instance, analyses a text, finds the most meaningful phrases (entities), and explains what the content is about. The data obtained in this manner is then combined with all the other information that Google already has on the relevant entity. With sufficient data, Google can make all the connections and award an entity a knowledge panel. Because NLP is also used to train Google’s BERT and MUM algorithms, it is simpler for Google to comprehend the context and create SERPs based on it.

For local queries, entity-based SEO is very crucial. One of the critical determinants of how local SERPs are created in local search is how relevant a question (entity) is to a particular location.

Businesses will spend money on the metaverse in waste

Given that the Metaverse has yet to be demonstrated, it is prudent not to invest.

Three Things to Consider:

  • It isn’t prepared.
  • No one is utilizing it.
  • It’s most likely going to get very strange very quickly.

There are many more layoffs, bankruptcies, and acquisitions due to the global recession. Predicting how things will turn out regarding Google and SEO trends for the upcoming year is difficult. The only thing that we can say with absolute certainty is that quality will win over quantity. As a result, provide your search engine optimization with enough attention and resources. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy with results that last longer than sponsored advertising. What will SEO look like in 2023? Please give us your thoughts!

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