What is Off-Page SEO and How Does It Help Increasing the Rankings?

Off-page SEO is one of the best search engine optimization methods to promote your website and get high ranking on search engines. The techniques mainly deal with links that are from other high-ranking websites, which point to your website.
It should be mentioned here that the off-page SEO techniques should be on par with the on-page SEO factor. As a website owner, you should keep an eye on the value that you are offering to visitors through the inbound links you are developing.
In some cases, the backlinks that you are after are not the same. They can ruin your website rankings and can cause your website rankings to get low. Off-page SEO deals with methods that are meant to increase the web pages rankings focusing on factors not present on the website.
Building links from your website to another high-ranking site is the best way to start.

Backlinks are your best bet

A backlink is the best bet for your website. A one-way link is taken from one webpage to another webpage. If one webpage approves the other, it is a source of other links. , When you can gain these kinds of links, you are bound to get better rankings.
You will want to know that search engines make use of backlinks to promote websites. They used it to decide on the kind of rankings they should give them. When it is performed rightly, the webpages can increase dramatically.

Quality Over Quantity

This is when you will want to aim for quality and not quantity. Unlike, what many users think and feel that quantity matters a lot on search engines, it is not the case. Quality is the main factor as always.
The simple reason for that being, not all the backlinks are the same. Some are from low ranked websites, which can reduce your rankings. Similarly, some are from high ranked sites that can immensely increase your rankings.
Not to mention, you need to make use of the keyword phrases whenever you can. These phrases must point back to your website. When you can place more than one anchor link, then you must have them point to your article or blog.
This is why you must try to get backlinks from websites that deal with your products or services. When the backlinks are from the same website, then search engines might not classify them.
Hence, you will want to check backlinks from directories, article directories, blogs, forums, and other sources for increasing your rankings.


Forums are another method to gain backlinks. Once you have registered on a forum, you can then leave a link of your website in the profile allocated. When other users of the forum click on the link provided, they can view your website.
The best way to be noticed on forums would be to post content that is useful and helpful. You can also make blog comments on other forums, which are related to your products or services. You can also add discussions that ensure your profile is not deleted.
You can also make use of social media sites. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used for getting high rankings on search engines. Millions of viewers visit these sites regularly.
The chances of getting noticed stand high when you make use of these websites. A well-written advertisement offering freebies is the best way to go about things. Perhaps, you can make use of attractive images too.

Commenting On Blogs

If a blog has a high page rank, then you stand to benefit from there. Did you know that you could write comments on others blogs? A good blog comment can do a world of wonders for your website.
That is because blog owners prefer having comments, which are useful to them. It provides that spice that they need. When you have commented on a high-ranking blog post, then your link stands to be noticed if the author mentions you.
The author can mention you if your comments are approved. However, refrain from posting odd comments like “great post,” “awesome blog,” and so on. You need to specifically mention why reading the blog was fun.
Something like, what did you learn from the blog? This process is also known as guest posting, and it is a great way to getting backlinks to your website.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most effective methods of promoting a website online. Writing articles is a skill and may not be done by all. If you feel you have a flair for writing great content, then you are welcome to try it.
The high-quality article often is looked into and immensely benefit a website. That is because you are allowed to place anchor text in the resource box. Once you have completed the article, you must submit them to high-ranking article directories.
All you need to do is create an account on the article directory and submit your articles. They need to be approved by the moderator of the directory. However, you can make use of ghostwriters for a small fee.
The ghostwriters can be found on sites like freelancer, elance, and others. They are experienced professionals who have a flair for writing and know how to create high-quality articles and quality content blog post.
It increases your online rankings on websites.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are another way to increase your website rankings. It is a highly recommended off-page SEO technique. The idea here is to place quality links, which can help to optimize your site.
However, in many cases, users tend to make use of software, which can link your website to hundreds of sites. Though rankings can increase overnight, search engines like Google, who will then ban your site permanently, can catch your website.
So, create a webpage that visitors would come to. It is known as link bait. You then will have to bookmark that page to be able to get better results. Avoid placing spam links. That is because users will not follow them and it is a waste of your time.

Hiring The Right SEO Agency or Firm

Since we now have a clear picture of off-page SEO, we also need to ensure that the right kind of SEO agency or firm is hired. The kind of SEO firm you hire will have a huge role in the rankings of your website.
The main problem in hiring an SEO firm is that; there are thousands of firms present globally. Each of them claiming to be the best. In this kind of scenario, you should be careful and take the right kind of decision.
The best way to go about things would be to find out more about the SEO firm. You need to find out the services that they provide — the number of years of experience and the projects that they have worked.
Once you have short-listed a few firms for your requirements, you can spend some time on their website and read the feedbacks to learn more about them. These details can help you decide whether they are ideal for your SEO requirements.

Cons of using Off-page SEO

As we saw, the link building must be done carefully. You do not want to just link on any website. You should make sure that the website is not spam. Apart from that, the website must have high-rankings.
You can also find links for sale on link farms. However, you may not want to do that because the results can drastically affect the rankings of your webpages. If search engines find out that you are using link farms, then you can be penalized.


Overall, off-page SEO plays a crucial factor in the search engine ranking of a website. As if we saw a wide range of off-page SEO methods, which must be implemented by the SEO agency or firm you plan to hire for your search engine optimization requirements.
Some of them were link building, article marketing, forum submission, and social bookmarking. If these techniques are used correctly, then your website stands to gain an online presence. However, on the page and off page SEO techniques should not be ignored.
Both are vital for the overall internet traffic and gaining an online presence on search engines. Remember, to choose the right kind of SEO agency or firm for your internet marketing requirements.