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JAiCOUPONS.com is a subsidiary of PaTaaK.com. We are building a daily habit in local commerce by offering a vast mobile and online marketplace where people discover and save on amazing things-to-do, see, eat and buy through our comprehensive list of coupons, offers, deals or discounts from top online brands and websites.

The JAiCOUPONS goal is to create happy customers by helping them get special discounts on their shopping bills.

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Where to get coupons for free in 2019?

A Coupon is a voucher which entitles the holder a discount on a particular product. The coupons can be a form inside a newspaper, or a magazine sent for the purchase of a product as an application. The coupons often distributed widely through the mail, envelopes, magazines, newspapers, the internet, social media directly from the retailers in their stores both online and outlets. The motto of issuing coupons is to attract the customers with price discrimination and offer a lower price to the retailers. In the areas where there is a massive competition in the costs to hit the market -get coupons for free in 2019

Savings on everything, deals on the products, offers with good cashback and again discounts on our purchases is the dream of the consumers across the world. Irrespective of the country, people all over the world use coupons on the primary products like groceries to costly items and branded products. And at the end of the day getting a deal to the products on our shopping list is the greatest hunt.

Why coupons are prevalent in U.S.A

To say precisely, Americans or the people of U.S.A are very much fond of coupons and deals. The usage is more in U.S.A when compared to other countries like Great Britain, India and China. The Americans are the most frugal customers and deal hunters. Almost 50% of the Americans reported that they use coupons for their savvy shopping and get the desired items at a low cost. The 61% of U.S female shoppers have influenced for deals rather than males of U.S(50%).

This thirst for the cause of savings made U.S.A to top the list amongst the other 11 countries. The other favorite countries on the file being Australia, India, China and more.

The places where you can get coupons

It will be a long hunt and exhausting thing to try for coupons, understand them and use them. But trust me, once if you get habituated to using coupons and searching for them, you will be the best and could expertise in the topic. It is as easy as it ever can be to get coupons and to use them. By finalizing the items we need, we desire, and we want to purchase starting with groceries to expensive electronics, you can get the Coupon Cards, Great Deals, Online Coupons, Free Offers, Printable Coupons, Free Product, Earned Money, Cash Back, and many more.

The various ways to get the coupons are:

  • Sunday Newspaper

Sunday’s newspaper is the one-stop place where we can find for great coupons. The reasons for getting the newspaper to your itself start with the saving of petrol and gas, time and energy. The penny’s we spend for the newspaper subscription is very much less to what we redeem in the coupons. The other reason is, you can find the printables inserted by the local stores in the paper than what we get from the store. Usually, we can see the coupons from SmartSource, Jai Coupons, RedPlum and Proctor & Gamble.

  • Internet Printables

The printable internet websites provide the information to download and share the coupons directly from the manufacturers. You can surf, and select your desired coupon on your desired product under your willing category. Some of the best online stores are Jaicoupons.com, Redplum, Coupons.com. They allow you to print coupons even without any requirement of signing up. Some websites suggest you buy and connect to a coupon printer device to directly print their coupons, which is a pretty easy and quick process to do.

  • Direct from the manufacturer

With the advancement in the e-commerce sector, most of the promising and big brands are running their stores both online and physical outlets. It will be pretty easy to shop through their online websites which are a hub for the offers, deals, cashback, and significant saving. So chill, sit, and relax. Prepare a list of your requirements, and know the manufacturers and companies who provide them, google the company name, and go ahead. Directly visit their website and shop. Few manufacturers offer a bonus on signup and first purchase. Avail the extra benefit and save more. If you subscribe to their newsletters, you will get the notifications to your mail specifying the latest deals and offers.

Coupons online are one of the most happening and browsed the site for the coupons on different categories like food, restaurants, movies, travel, jewelry, clothing and many more. Deals on everything with added cash back for customers who sign up. Get code of the agreement and utilize the deal before it expires. Delas based on the demand, based on the occasion and based on the season.

Local stores everywhere provide weekly grocery pamphlets or advertisements that advertise the grocery specials of the week and issue coupons on products as well. So buyers prepare the menu according to the weekly list of the grocery store, and also one can coordinate their meals in that week with what’s on the sale for that week.

Top 10 websites where you can get free coupons

It’s hard to find the one who says no to save a couple of dollars on the things we want to buy. The thought of saving did the discount coupons, and coupon apps to be so popular these days. So let’s have a look at the sources that are massively attracting the customers. So, register your account and start saving money!



Ebates, one of the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. You get rewarded by shopping through their site. Ebates website partner along with around 1000 merchant stores through which we can earn up to 25% cash back in the purchase amount. We can even buy deals at Ebate. It also offers an excellent referral system in which you get $5 for every friend you referred when he or she makes purchases for an amount $25 in the specific period. So, signup and also see your friends and avail the benefits.

#2. Coupons.com


Coupons.com is one of the largest providers of the digital coupons in the United States Of America which has thousands of affiliates who promote their deals every day. It is the place where you can find coupons for almost everything. Grocery, clothing, footwear, accessories, grooming, beauty and personal care cosmetics, etc. By entering the zip code, you can see the local deals in your location and nearby. You can print the coupons, and show that at your nearest store or purchase anything online. Coupons.com apps are there for iPhones, Ipads and Android devices for the easy access.

#3. RetailMeNot


RetailMeNot is another pioneer marketplace for the online coupons and deals. You can avail a respectable amount of coupon codes, free shipping offers, and printable coupons on this site. The site offers a coupon count of total 130,000 online and local stores. The RetailMeNot also has a massive community of users who can vote for the deals on offer on the site, and also can leave feedback, and can submit other local coupons that they found on other websites. You can download the RetailMeNot app for iPhone/Ipad and Android devices for savings on the go sake. By subscribing to the “Hot Coupon Newsletter” service of RetailMeNot, you can receive all the latest tips and discounts anywhere.

#4. JAiCOUPONS.com


Jaicoupons is one of the emerging and fast growing coupon provider for the people of Southern Asia residing in United States. The recently launched website has more than 20 categories that offer deals on millions of products and stores. The site offers coupons on food, travel, grocery, fashion and clothing, shipping, beauty, and personal care, real estate, entertainment, electronics, e-commerce, digital gift cards, etc. It is a one-stop solution to end all your search for any category and deal. Provides redeemable points and cashback on your signup and the aspects you can use in their store pataak.com for which Jaicoupons is a subsidary. Jaicoupons.com also has a blog with exciting content and excellent articles that kickoff your boredom and will make you visit it often in your free time. The eye-striking images and content grabs you on and entertains you.



I think you will be surprised to see Amazon on the list of top 10 coupon providers, but you can get coupons straight at Amazon. After finding the deal, you want, and the item clicks on the “Clip Coupon” and buy the product with an additional discount. The top deals include grocery, school supplies, pantry, beauty and grooming, men and women’s fashion, accessories, etc. Amazon offers one more exciting deal “Subscribe and save” in which you can sign up the items you require on a regular basis so that you can save an extra couple of dollars for your purchase of the same product for several months.



Groupon is also a coupon store but with different gateways from those which have discussed above. In Groupon, you won’t get any coupons for free to use them at the local stores, but you have to pay for the product on discount or service immediately. It is a good and comfortable way as you don’t need to pay the extra cost in place.

The website issues a wide range of deals in broad categories, along with daily updates. Once the purchasing did through Groupon gateway, you will get a mail with a link to print the coupon for yourself as a gift. All the coupons will have a due date, and if you can’t avail the coupon within the scheduled period, you can ask for a refund, and the coupon will cancel. By referring friends on Groupon, you will receive a $10 Groupon credit on every signup with your referral code.



ShopAtHome provides an immense number of coupon codes for great online savings, and also printable coupons from thousands of manufacturer stores that offer cashback. Once if you make a purchase, then you could earn cash back of up to 30% of every dollar you spend. A kindly toolbar is offered by the website that analyses every site you visit and derive any coupons, cashback or deals available.



SlickDeals is one of the community savings sites that provides coupons and deals submitted by the community members. The coupons here are on popularity base depending upon the cotes of the active community members and curated by SlickDeals editors. Coupon searching you can do by entering the category of the store. The best ones always advertised on the front site page or homepage.



Savings.com offers dozens of coupon codes for almost anything you wish, thereby making it easy to find and share significant savings on your desired products from all your favorite brands and stores. It is easy to navigate from one category to another category for all your shopping needs on this site. Just use the search box to look at a particular deal you are searching. You can even become a deal expert by advising tips and great deals to a community of your fellow shoppers. Savings.com also facilitates a blog where they post tips and suggestions on how to save money better online.



FatWallet promotes large deals of coupons and cash back offers from the online retailers. It offers deals on electronics and computer-related goods. However, you can find deals on clothes, accessories, sports goods, toys, etc.

The FatWallet website is easy to navigate, and within a few seconds you can join and start browsing the hot deals. To be in the know of most valuable discounts, iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile users can install FatWallet application. The referral program of FatWallet promises $5 for each referred friend who purchases the website through the signup.

How to get free coupons.

Method #1 – Email Newsletters.

            Getting coupons and latest updates notified through e-mails is trending nowadays. When you shop for a product online or search even, the website prompts you to subscribe to their site using your mail to get the latest updates and promo codes and coupons through the mail.

It depends on how efficiently you organize your mail and utilize the maximum of these offers. Create a separate folder for your coupons and avail them on the go. Identify the stores you often check, get updates on a regular basis.

Method #2 – Sunday Newspaper.

Sunday newspaper is the best place to get some coupons. Grab your edition, check for the contact number, contact the office and inquire about the “COUPON SUBSCRIPTION.” Most of the News Papers offer the ability to get several copies of a paper to get a maximum number of coupons.

Printable Coupons, Cashback coupons, and e/digital coupons will be available.

Method #3 – Manufacturer Coupons.

The coupons directly from the manufacturers are the real-life saviors. They come directly and are hassle-free to handle and use. The products we like to shop regularly like groceries, beauty products, clothing, etc., provide the facility to attract the customers with their promo codes. File the ones that are required for you, print them or login directly to the site and avail the deal.

Method #4 – Coupon Websites.

Browse the internet for the significant coupon providers like Coupons.com, RetailMeNot.com, Jaicoupons.com, RedPlum.com, etc. The site provides a wide range of coupons and deals on large products and subtle categories. The attractive deals will come with an expiry date, so make sure you utilize them before the agreement expires. It is one of the most effortless technique to save and shop smart as you can do it anywhere and everywhere.

Signup for the first time and use your login id everytime you shop with the websites. Refer your friends and earn extra payback for every referral signup. Subscribe and get the deal notifications directly in your mailbox. You can endorse the sites and get paid for your service, and it’s that simple.

So, shoppers! Start shopping and keep in mind the tricks and methods to save big. Have a happy shopping experience and abundant deals.

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