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Businesses are ramping up online operations in the time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Currently, there is no stopping Coronavirus (COVID-19) as the disease has quickly become a super spreader with more than 500,000 infected over the globe. However, online businesses and others that deliver food and essential items to homes have been hiring and expanding operations to cope with higher demand from those who are in self-isolation or under government lockdowns. We look at how businesses have been changing to deal with the impact of the pandemic in their offices and online.

Government guidelines for businesses are changing

With Coronavirus spreading to several countries and the number of infected mounting, governments have been desperately trying to stop its spread. However, governments in countries have found that they have to formulate new rules or tweak existing ones to cope with the pandemic. This has resulted in governments continually updating the guidelines governing the operation of businesses. So businesses big or small have to keep an eye on the latest guidelines whether are operating online or opening their brick and mortar store.

Use best practices to keep your staff safe and customers happy

Even if your business operates online via a website you likely have an office location and staff. During the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is ideal that you equip your employees with the ability to work from home. By allowing employees to work from home you can reduce the risk of them being exposed to the virus and transmitting it in your office. Customers in such a situation also benefit as your services can be delivered without any stoppages.

Ensure your business remains profitable and salaries are paid on time

Worldwide there is very little clarity on how long lockdowns will last. In some countries, businesses are not sure how long they will be required to remain shut. However, several countries have announced aid packages for businesses both big and small. Especially small businesses that are facing struggles in paying staff salaries should take advantage of the bailouts provided by governments and use it to remain debt-free. Using these rescue packages small businesses can ensure their staff are paid and can return to work when restrictions on businesses are eased.

Enhance your online presence

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way businesses function and as a result, many of them are offering services and products via websites in attempts to remain profitable. This change has resulted in the demand for new websites, apps and more. Digital marketing companies that also offer web development and design services are therefore increasingly relevant. Using these services of small businesses can get websites set up faster and ensure that they make the most out of the existing opportunities to remain profitable. Importantly, businesses are coming to grips with the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic could last until next year and if they do not make use of the opportunities online they could become irrelevant in the future.

Get your business ready to deal with the recession in the aftermath of Coronavirus

With the International Monetary Fund (IMF) already indicating that the world has entered a recession the aftereffects of the Coronavirus Pandemic are going to last for several years. So small businesses need to rethink the way they operate in the future and take steps to survive through the recession.

The pace of the Coronavirus pandemic is not slowing down and it is accelerating. Countries are seeing the number of dead increase per day while governments are struggling to cope with the demand for hospital beds, ventilators, and doctors. Keeping a business operational in this scenario and customers and staff safe is a way for owners to do their bit to reduce the burden on governments. Contact us to learn how WebRowdy can help your business survive the Coronavirus pandemic.

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