Choosing the right website for the company is always a tedious task. A website can be static or dynamic.  In static website the information does not change and it remains same or static for every visitors. What is dynamic website? The dynamic website will keep on changing depends on visitor interests such as native language, time zone and several factors. There are lots of people wondering on internet about this debated topic static website vs. dynamic website and dynamic website design is a great way to attract site visitors and it look like versatile. The traditional way of website design is outdated and in past years, we have developed and implemented new methods to improve the work flow and make our code much efficient as possible. Dynamic website will fetch content from the server and it provides different views depending on the information provided by users or with the help of saved cookies. The current activity of the users also plays a vital role in dynamic site. Usually website is made up of collections of webpages connected together by links or call to actions. A dynamic website is built to make use of functions or methods like header, footer, newsletter form, and side navigation bar etc. Dynamic website is the direction of future.

A dynamic website is more consistent and efficient and it offers hand-crafted experience to all visitors. Instead of using endless amount of HTML code dynamic design is an intricate mix of coding and programming that result in visually engaging website. Each web page is made to respond to a certain user’s behavior as they navigate your website. The user should enjoy their time on website and that can be achieved only through dynamic website design. Building the website from the scratch is not so easy. The dynamic website is a great investment for the business person which helps them to increase traffic and sale revenue. Adding new items in website is very difficult and usually it takes lot of time. With static design you should recruit the developer to handle things in website but on dynamic site design you can edit the items with a scroll and click. There are two types of dynamic website.

  1. Client side scripting
  2. Server side scripting

Dynamic website uses above scripting or both to generate dynamic content. Client side scripting generates content at client computer based on user given input. The web browser downloads the web page from the server and process the code within the page to render information to respective user. In server side scripting, the software runs on the particular server and the process will complete in server then the plain page are sent to the user. In dynamic site the content can be generated quickly and it allows you to changes frequently. Most of the dynamic site uses the server side languages such as PHP, Servlet, JSP and ASP.NET etc. for developing a website. The dynamic website will generate different HTML for each of the request. In dynamic website the page contains “server-side” code which allows the server to generate the unique content when the webpage is loaded every time.

Nowadays the modern website takes both client side scripting and server side scripting which deliver the whole new experience to the users and also it helps to make the server load time much shorter. Let’s look into the benefits of dynamic website design.

  1. Easy to design and update
  2. Convenient and flexible
  3. Easy to update content
  4. Very simple to manage pages
  5. More interactive
  6. It looks more professional site
  7. Cost effective

If all the pages are designed statically then each time you should spend more time to update a common layout throughout the website. It is very difficult to iterate line by line to make the changes and it seems tedious and waste of time. Making a dynamic website design is much recommended and it is easier to maintain the code also to track the changes happening in your website. If you plan to enhance the website as per latest trend then implementing a dynamic design is the fruitful options.

In the dynamic website all the global layouts are saved into separate functions so we can simply retouch the code and see the results immediately in multiple pages. Your workflow should be more productive and efficient. The dynamic website helps you to manage the layout of the page by using the web components. The dynamic website examples open up a large range of prospects such as

  1. Online booking sites
  2. E-Newsletter
  3. Online photo galleries
  4. E-commerce websites
  5. Voting/Polls websites
  6. Forums
  7. Message boards

The landing pages are the most common buzz word in the field of marketing. For every product they are designing the landing to get information from the users. The dynamic website will perform better if the responsive elements are perfectly implemented in site. It also helps to target unique audience by giving pleasant experience every time.

Dynamic website design enhances your brand value and it can help to strengthen a user’s perception. SEO will play a major role in dynamic website design and it helps you to target real-life users through Google search engine. Increasing your search performance in Google and optimizing the dynamic website content is the key for business growth.  By implementing SEO to your website it allows you to reach right set of audience who are actively looking for your products or services. Website or in other terms online presence has become the critical element that can assist you in winning every battle in this business race. The dynamic website will pull the information from the database as customer requests it, allowing it to customize as per needs.

A well-designed website is an important piece of the satisfied visitor’s experience. Choosing the dynamic website design is the best option for your business where you can save money and time. If you’re looking to create a more complex site and want easy content management, excellent user experience, and great customization options, then it makes sense to choose dynamic.