Business Development Managers / Executives:

Prerequisites :

(i) Strong acumen for online marketing and business development with a flair for Digital Marketing strategies and campaigns.
(ii) Atleast, 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing & Business development, and working within a team environment.
(iii) BBM, MBA or related discipline.
(iv) Strong Communication skills(spoken, written), Analytical Skills and Softskills are expected.

Job Responsibilities:

(i) Understand client needs, effective client relations & business development
(ii) Defining & Implementing effective Digital marketing strategies in team
(iii) Set targets and define strategy to achieve these targets and to follow the set strategy punctually.
(iv) Develop draft proposals based on team meetings and discussions.
(v) Maintain the Business Development databases.
(vi) Managing news letters, campaigns, reporting and analyzing.

Personal Skills :

(i) Eager to take the initiative
(ii) Positive approach to change
(iii) Strong interpersonal skills, which can influence teammates
(iv) Organised and planned approach to your job
(v) Willingness to learn new things
(vi) Thinking beyond the line
(vii) Able to multi-task, prioritize projects and meet tight deadlines

Ideal candidates will receive Orientation Training and Good Salary.
Please email your resumes to with subject line “BDM-BDE Resume“.

Please email your resumes to with subject line “BDM-BDE Resume“.


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